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Ali'ikai Ka'aukai
Daughter of Nāmaka
The Sea's Gem
Important Information
Gender female
Family Nāmaka, Kane
Mytholigy Hawaiian
Child Of Nāmaka
Status single
Eye Color teal
Hair Color blond
Height 5'5
Affiliation Hawaiian's Cabin, Camp Mythology
Weapons shark-tooth dagger
Species demigod
Home Hawaiian's Cabin
Quests none
Also Known As Ali


Ali is a very nice and kind girl. Howeverm she does not treat those who are mean nicely. 


Kane and Nāmaka met at the beach. Kane was a world famous surfer and was there practicing. He knocked over Nāmaka while there, and it was love at first sight. Soon after meeting, Nāmaka disappeered. Kane thought it was a crazy dream until many months later when a small girl appered on his doorstep in a huge conch shell crib. There was also a note. Kane, not reading the note, locked it in a safe.

He named the girl Ali'ikai, which means queen of the sea. Ali'ikai, who liked to be called Ali, grew up in a beachhouse near a beach. She loved the water and spent every waking moment in the water. She surfed, snorkeled, and swam. As soon as she was old enough, she got a diving lisense and began to dive. Soon after she also started seeing monsters. However, they never attacked her.

Soon after her 13th birthday, her father gave her the note. In it held a shark-tooth dagger, a necklace, and some notes to a song. She played the song on her flute, and her mother appeared and took her to camp mythology.


Name Relation Feelings
Nāmaka Mother ?
Kane Father He was a very nice dad