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This epic and awesome character belongs to Lupa.

Alizia (Lizia) Aine
-Daughter of Aine, Head Counselor, Love-Keeper, Light Fairy, Love Maiden, Eleven Princess, Daughter of Love, Evenstar

 Age: 15  Height: Unknown  Weight: Unknown
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: None
 Health Status: Great 

Alizia Lang
Call me Lizia, not Liz
Daughter of Aine, Head Counselor
Love-Keeper, Light Fairy
Love Maiden, Eleven Maiden
Daughter of Love, Evenstar
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Aine Bea, Lewis
Mytholigy Celtic
Child Of Aine
Status Alive, 15
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Brown
Height Unknown
Affiliation Camp
Weapons Red Mare Anket/Red Mare Knife
Species Demigod
Home camp, Celtic Cabin
Quests None
Also Known As Lizia


on the october 15 1997, Angela (Aine) met Lewis Lang at the College.  They fell in love, went to Lewis house and had an affair. The  Daughter , Alizia and Maia were born 7 months later.   Angela tell Lewis that she is Aine the Celtic goddess of Sumer and Fairy and twins  are the demigoddess and she left them. They were small and beautiful, but sweet and caring. Wips