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Avery Samuelson
The rainbearing warrior
Important Information
Gender male
Family Tlaloc, Elen
Mytholigy Aztec
Child Of Tlaloc
Status single, alive, 14
Eye Color brown
Hair Color brown
Height 5'6
Affiliation Camp Mythology
Weapons spear
Species demigod
Home Aztec's Cabin
Quests none
Also Known As Avery


Avery is a very humerous person. He is a very social person and is normally found talking with people.


Elen Samuelson was at the beach when she met Avery's Dad, Tlaloc, fishing at the docks.They became very interested in each other and they started to date.She was very in love with him after some time and he was in love with her also,but this man wasn't normal.He could do amazing things at sea and it amazed Martha over the top.Three months later,she was rushed to the hospital because she was about to give birth.It was a painful experience for her but it was a successful turn out. Avery was born that day. It was only eight days before his Dad left them.He said it was for the best and told Martha to tell Avery who he really was when he was older and to take him to a camp where he would be safe and train to fight the evil that will horde him.Over the years,Avery had been diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD that no one can cure.He had been failing certain classes because of it but he kept trying.They're were also some monster encounters too.When he was 11,Avery and his mom went to the beach on a weekend.While he was playing in the water,something pulled him under and tried to drag him to the deep.He couldn't make out what it was but it was scaly and looked like a giant snake.He was about to be lunch when these strange people pulled him from the monsters grasp.He couldn't see them clearly either because he was blacking out but they were women with black hair.When he woke up,he was on the beach,unharmed.His mom was worried sick looking for him and was in tears when she found him.That was one day Avery swore never to forget.

The day Avery was escorted to Camp Mythology was a close call. He was 14 and his mom told him that he was in danger now and she had to take him to a place called Camp Mthology.He was told on there way to it that his dad was one of the gods of the olden days and that all the legends and myths were true.He had a hard time believing this but quickly realized it was true when another monster rammed into there car. Suddenly, a man came and killed the monster. He introduced himself as Tlaloc, Avery's father. Tlaloc escorted Avery into camp.


Name Relation Feelings
Elen Mother Love her.
Tlaloc Father ?