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Bethany (Beth) -Follower of Pheresphone
-Daughter of Hades, Follower of Persephone, Flower maiden, Protector of Soul.

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Bethany Daphne Grimm
Leaves by theredpineapple548-d5gdqlh
Daughter of Hades
Follower of Persephone
Flower maiden
Protector of Soul
Important Information
Gender female
Family Hades (father), Sarah (Daughter of Persephone and Mother), Joe (grandfather), Persephone (grandmother and Patron)
Mytholigy Greek
Child Of Hades
Status Alive
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Species Demigod (Follower)
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Also Known As Beth


When Joe met Peresphone and they fell in love and have affair and Peresphone give birth to Sarah Bethany Grimm. When Beth was 16, she went to the camp. When Beth was 22 and She met Hades and fell in love and haveaffair and Sarah give birth to Bethany Daphne Grimm. When Bethany is 16, she join the follower of Peresphone.