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Cynthia Brich
Member of Greek Mytholigy
Follower of Artemis
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Brich Family (Mum, Dad, Brothers, Sisters), Followers of Artemis (Sister-in-arms)
Mytholigy Greek
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Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height 199cm
Affiliation Artemis, Followers of Artemis, Brich Family, Camp Mytholigy, Greek's Cabin
Weapons Bow and Arrows, 2 Hunting Knifes, 1 Hunting Sword all of which appere when needed
Species Follower
Home Brich Household
Quests None, apart from helping keep my family in order
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This Character is a member of the Greek's Cabin

Camp Mytholigy
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Funny, Caring, Protective, Loyal, Friendly, A Music Person, Easy to talk to, Secritive, Shy, Conferting, Great role model, Great Friend, Kinderistic (Always full of engey, like ADHD), Kind, Creative, Courages, Strong Willed.


Cynthia was born to Alexis Brich and Jacob Brich. She was the third to be born out of the triplets (Kyrstal, Rachel, Cynthia) and has an older sister Destiny. Cynthia has other sibilings like Nora, Marcus, Alex, Jake, Tiffany, Sothia, Max, Oiympia and Zoe. Cynthia with her brothers and sisters were raised in their home which is on Lincon Street. When the 13 are at Camp they aren't in the same myhtoligies and defintly don't have the same patron. Cynthia was choosen by Artemis who saw something in Cynthia which no one else has. She, Zoe and Nora are all members of Greek Mytholigy. Cynthia is normally hunting with her patron when she isn't in the cabin or at her house.


Cynthia has blown which is always down and somethimes beraded with something silver, the colour of her patron. She has blue eyes like her mother, Alexis. She can be seen wearing a neckless which looks to same neckless that her sisters have. She also has a braclet made out of pure silver, which, depanding on what she touches, turns into that.

Theme SongEdit

Miley Cyrus-Right Here with lyrics

Miley Cyrus-Right Here with lyrics

To my Family


Name Relation Feelings
Brich Family    My Family       Love 'em, Hate 'em
Artemis  Patron           She is a great Patron but why choose me?