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Danielle Leviness
Daughter of Huehuecoyotl
Follower of Toci
The Performing Maiden
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Huehuecoyotl (Father), Lillia (Mother), Max (Brother)
Mytholigy Aztec
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Status Immortal
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 178cm
Affiliation Toci, Camp Mythology, Huehuecoyotl, Aztec Mythology
Weapons Bow and Arrows
Species Follower, Demigod and Immortal Maiden
Home Camp
Quests None
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Mexico (Aztec)
This character is part of the
Aztec's Cabin.

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Funny, Caring, Protective, Loyal, Friendly, Shy, Easy to talk to, Secritive, Conferting, Great role model, Great Friend, Kinderistic (Always full of engey, like ADHD), Kind, Creative, Courages, Strong Willed, A person who will stand for what is right, A music person and Great performer.


Max was born to Lillia and Huehuecoyotl on the 26th of July. Huehuecoyotl and Lillia were happy with their baby boy and choose to call him Max. Three years after that Lillia gave birth to a baby girl called Danielle. Max felt protective of his sister. Two years after that the two of them stuck together all the time. Later Huehuecoyotl dissapered and left Lillia heart broken. When Max was 12 and Danielle was 9 a monster came and killed their mother. The sibilings ran and ran untill they were in the woods. Later they had ended up in Brooklyn and Danielle saw a camp. They arrived and a man was behinded them and said that he was their father. He took them to Aztec's Cabin where a girl called Lilian was waiting. She made Max Lt. of the Cabin. Two years later to present time, the camp had become a bit more full. He had met a girl called Libby and has a huge crush on her. By then Danielle had joined the followers of Toci.

Theme SongEdit

Heart Attack

Heart Attack




Name Relation Feelings
Max Brother He's nice but annoying
Huehuecoyotl Father Uhhhhhhhh...
Lillia Mother I miss her dearly
Toci Patron Great role model
Libby Brothers Crush Haven't met her yet
Lilian Friend She's kind