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Gwendolyn (Gwen) Epona
-Daughter of Epona, Lt.Counselor, Protector of Horses, Horse-Trainer Horse Maiden, Horse-Whisper, Daughter of Horses, Guardian of Horses.

 Age: 15  Height: Unknown  Weight: Unknown
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: None
 Health Status: Great 
 – Horse are your Best Friends

Gwendolyn Bell
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Call Me Gwen, not Gwyn
Daughter of Epona, Lt. COunselor
Protector of Horse, Horse-Trainer
Horse Maiden, Horse Whisper,
Daughter of Horse, Guardian of Horse
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Epona, Alex
Mytholigy Celtic
Child Of Epona
Status Alive, 15
Eye Color green
Hair Color Blonde
Height  ?
Affiliation Camp
Weapons Horse Necklace/Horse Sword
Species Demigod
Home Camp, Celtic Cabin
Quests None
Also Known As Gwen


. on The January 16 1997, Elisabeth (Epona) met Alex Bell  at the Horse Race.  They fell in love, went to Alex's house and had an affair. The  Daughter , Gwendolyn were born 7 months later.   Elisabeth tell Alex that she is Epona the Cetic  goddess of  Horse, and Gwen is a demigoddess. Gwen were small and Shy, but sweet and caring. Elisabeth (Epona) stayed unitl Gwen were 11. When Gwen were 12, she were walking to the Horseback riding. Gwen were attacked by a Furies who try to kill her,  But Branwen had save Gwen.   When Gwen went to home and tell her dad what happen,  that she  was almost  attack by Furies and was save by Branwen, When Gwen was 13 year old, She was walking  to forest and a mintour  came behind her and grab her and she stab it and killed it,  When Gwen was  14 year old, A Sphinx came to attack her, but Gwen strangle the Sphinx and killed  it, when Gwen is 15, she was attacked by Gwyn the cruelest demigod that rebelled against aall gods against all odds. The fight was brutal leaving Gwen half dead. before Gwyn kill Kalia, A Horse Spirit was sent by Epona and killed Gwyn. The Horse Spirit is Ginny  who is a Daughter of Epona and left. Gwen left and went to home and tell her dad what happen.  He tell Gwen that her mother is Epona the goddess of Horse, and that she is Demigoddess, Alex take Gwen   with him to the camp and Gwen went to straight to Celtic's Cabin.