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Heather Jackson
Lily Rose4
Daughter and Follower of Bast
Head Councillor of Egyptian's Cabin
Girl with the sad past
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Bast (Mother)
Mytholigy Egyptian
Child Of {{{child of}}}
Status Uhhhhhhhhhh
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond
Height 187cm
Affiliation Bast, Camp Mythology, Egyptian's Cabin
Weapons Throwing Knifes
Species Demigoddesses and Follower
Home Camp Mythology
Quests None
Also Known As {{{aka}}}

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Funny, Caring, Protective, Loyal, Friendly, Shy, Easy to talk to, Secritive, Conferting, Great role model, Great Friend, Kinderistic (Always full of engey, like ADHD), Kind, Creative, Courages, Strong Willed, A person who will stand for what is right, Someone with the worst past and Scard all the time.


Heather was born to Mark Jackson and Bast. Mark loved his family with all his love but when Bast left he was heartbroken. He become abusive to everyone, even to Heather, his only daughter and child. Heather become so scard she felt shut out. When she was three he tried to poisen to her. Heather found out and so did Bast. Bast pleaded to the gods to ask if she could raise Heather, when the gods relised what Heather was going throw (Heather's age by then was six) Bast picked Heather up from Mark and raised a scard child the best she could. When Heather was seven, Bast realised everything Heather went throw including Child and Emotional abuse, she was even raped more then hundred times. Bast swore she would do everything to insure no child, demigod or mortal never had to go throw what Heather did. Heather's scares couldn't be healded but when she was twelf Bast send her to a Camp. Heather was givin a chance to call her dad. She was upset after it but was made head councillor since she was the only one there. Nearly five years later she isn't any better but has gotten some Cabin mates.

Theme SongEdit

For the love of a daughter - Demi Lovato Lyrics

For the love of a daughter - Demi Lovato Lyrics




Name Relation Feelings
Bast Mother She helped me out
Mark Father (Sadly) Can Ammit kill him, he raped me
Daniel Half-Brother I will give my life to protect him
Hecate Step-Mother Met her once, when she was giving Daniel to me
Egyptian's Cabin Other Followers I think there awsome, I trust them with my life