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This epic and awesome character belongs to Lupa.
Rome <center>This character is a member of of Rome's Cabin.

Kaliakota (Kalia) Lupa
-Daughter of Lupz

 Age: 15  
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: None
 Health Status: Great 

Hey Everyone
Kalikota Aldolpha
Hey, You Call me Kalia, but don't call me Kal.
Daughter of Lupa
Protector of Wolves
Wolf Whisper
Daughter of Wolves
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Lupa
Mytholigy Roman
Child Of Lupa
Status Alive
Eye Color Silver
Hair Color Brown
Height 4'9
Affiliation Roman's Cabin
Weapons Claws, Fangs, Powers, Wolf Anket/Wolf Knife
Species Demigoddess, (half Wolfgoddess, Half Human)
Home Camp, Roman's Cabin
Quests None
Also Known As Kalia


In 1890, Lucy (Lupa) met Jacob Aldolpha at the Pub.  They fell in love, went to Jacob's house and had an affair. The  Daughter , Kaliakota were born 7 months later.   Lucy tell Jacob that she is Lupa the roman immortal wolf goddess, and Kalia is a demigoddess. Kalia were small and confident, but sweet and caring. When Kalia were 12, she were walking to school. Kaila were attacked by a Furies who try to kill Kaila,  But Cere had save Kalia.   When Kalia went to home and tell her dad what happen,  that she  was almost  attack by Furies and was save by Ceres. When Kalia was 13 year old, She was walking  to forest and a mintour  came behind her and grab her and she stab it with her claw  and killed it, but she didn't know she have a claws, and run and shift into a wolf,but didn't know how she did that. When Kalia was  14 year old, A Sphinx came to attack her, but Kalia strangle the Sphinx and killed  it, when Kalia is 15, she was attacked by Kayla the cruelest demigod that rebelled against aall gods against all odds. The fight was brutal leaving Kalia half dead. before Exile kill Kalia, A Wolf Spirit was sent by Lupa and killed the Exile. The Wolf  Spirit is Kaylee who is a Daughter of Lupa and left. Kalia left and went to home and tell her dad what happen to and He tell Kalia that her mother is Lupa the Wolfgoddess, and that she is Demigoddess,and she have grow her claws and also shift into a wolf  Jacob take Kalia   with him to the camp and Kaila went to straight to Roman's Cabin. 


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