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Leesha Hawk
The ray of light
Important Information
Mytholigy Celtic
Child Of Aine
Status alive, 15, single
Eye Color blue
Hair Color brown
Height 5'8
Affiliation Celtics, Camp Mythology
Weapons sword
Species demigod
Home Celtics cabin
Quests none
Also Known As Leesha


Leesha is a very social person and very stubborn and headstrong. She doesn't like to take advice from people.


Aine met Thomas at a midsummer's festival.  They met while dancing. Aine knocked Thomas over while dancing with another guy. It was love at first sight. Aine, going by the disguise name of ana, became Thomas' girlfriend for many months before she was "killed" in a car accident. Thomas was very sad until many months later and baby is a orange blanket apperared at his doorstep, with a note, which read:


i am alive, just so you know. My name is not Ana, it's Aine, the celtic Goddess of Summer and Wealth. This is your daughter, Leesha. When she is older you will need to take her to a camp for children like her. The directions are on the back of this note. Until then, Aine

Leesha grew up in a big city apartement with her dad. She was very popular with other girls and always was around people. She was the star of the cheerleading squad, and the girls track team. She had it all and was living the dream life until one day a Sluagh attacked her while she was walking one day home from school with some friends. They ran away when it attacked her. The next day, it was the latest gossip at the school and the headline for the newspaper "Local Girl gets attacked by scary Man". After her dad heard, he took her to Camp Mythlology where her mother met her and escorted her into camp.


Name Relation Feelings
Aine Mother right now, she seems very nice
Thomas Father He was a great dad