Libby Arsine
Child of Mars
Counsuler of Rome
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Ame Arsine and Mars
Mytholigy Roman
Child Of {{{child of}}}
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 4'8
Affiliation Roman's Cabin
Weapons Spear
Species Demigod
Home Spain
Quests N/A
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Amelia Arsine was a beautiful woman that lived in Spain. Her father was a roman ammbassador and she was the daughter of Ataula, who is Aztec goddess. Amelia had blonde hair and blue eyes very much like myself, Libby.

Amelia meet my father, Mars while she was training for the army. My mom almost instantly fell in love with him. he had brown eyes and blonde hair. He was a nice man and he really loved my mother. they dated for 9 months and had me