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Lilian Hale
Follower of Xochiquetzal
Head Councillor of Aztec's Cabin
Girl of beauty
Important Information
Gender Female
Family N/A
Mytholigy Aztec
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Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 176cm
Affiliation Xochiquetzal, Members of Aztec Mythology
Weapons A set of throwing knifes
Species Follower
Home Camp
Quests None
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Mexico (Aztec)
This character is part of the
Aztec's Cabin.

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Lilian is not the classic discribsion of beautiful. She has long, straight, brown hair, brown eyes and fair skin. Lilian hardly wears high fashion so it's suprising that she is a follower of Xochiquetzal. She is 176cm tall and fourteen years of age, making her a young head counciler.


Funny, Caring, Protective, Loyal, Friendly, A Music Person, Easy to talk to, Secritive, Shy, Conferting, Not so great role model, Great Friend, Kinderistic (Always full of engey, like ADHD), Kind, Creative, Courages, Strong Willed, Not emotionly stable and can't take mean words.


Lilian was born to Sarah and Jake Hale. Sarah died at Lilian's birth and Jake hated his girl so she went up for adoption. When she was four years of age she was adopted by a beautiful woman. She saw something in Lilian and took her to her home. She gave Lilian some new cloths and food before going to pack the car. She took Lilian to a Camp in Brooklyn. The woman introduced herself as Xochiquetzal and claimed Lilian as hers and took her to the cabin. Ten years later she had become a mature girl, having grown up at the camp. She become the head counciler of her cabin, making her the youngest but she had more years then anyone else.

Theme SongEdit

Kelly Clarkson - My life would suck without you Lyrics

Kelly Clarkson - My life would suck without you Lyrics




Name Relation Feelings
Xochiquetzal Sort of mother She has taken care of me my whole life
Aztec's Cabin Other followers No ones came yet
Xochiquetzal's followers Sibilings in a way Haven't met anyone else
Ben Friend/Crush He can be a jurk but it's only cause of his past plus I think I like him