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Sally Hastings
oracle of Buto
Important Information
Gender female
Family Ra
Mytholigy egyptian
Child Of Ra
Status single, alive
Eye Color brown
Hair Color brown
Height 5'3
Affiliation camp mythology,Ra
Weapons staff
Species demigod
Home Oracle's cave
Quests none
Also Known As Sally


Sally is a very quiet girl. She doesn't really like to talk to people.


Victoria met Ra the park. Victoria's father had just died, and she was very sad. Ra walked over and began talking with her. The two became friends, but one day Ra disappered. Soon after Victoria was pregnant. Soon after that, she fell in love with a mortal named Josh.

Sally grew up with what people said was schizophrenia, but actually was the gift to see through the mist. She got multiple referrals for talking about random things and being distracted. She was kicked out of three schools over a span of 13 years. She did not have many friends, and was the person that everybody, even her teachers, picked on and bullied. Her mother and father tried to focus on themselves and not Sally.  As a result, Sally did not get much attention from her parents, only to tell her to do something, like wash the dishes.

When Sally was thirteen, she ran away. Following her visions, she came upon Camp Mythology, and was confronted by Wadjet, who told her that she was an Egyptian Goddess, and that she had the gift of the oracle, and could accept her destiny and become the oracle of Buto, or refuse and go back to her very bad life. She accepted, and is now the oracle of Buto.


Name Relation Feelings
Wadjet patron Love her!
Victoria and Josh Mother and step-father I hope I never see them again!
Ra father ?